Fresh From the Ocean
to Your Plate


Prices are Subject to Change without Notice

Ingredients are Subject to Availability

Steamed Maine Lobster

Served with drawn butter and a side of your choice

1 lb$24.99
1 1/4 lb$34.99
1 1/2 lb$44.99
2 lb$54.99

*Ask your server about availability!


Fried Clam Strips8.99

Red's Crab Cakes (2)9.99

Fried Shrimp10.99

Fried Sea ScallopsMarket Price

Jazzy's Calamari10.99

Flash fried rings and tentacles tossed with balsamic vinaigrette, kalamata olives, red ripe tomatoes, banana peppers, and dusted with parmesan cheese

Mussels Dijon11.99

Fresh PEI mussels sauteed with white wine, fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, lemon, and a touch of dijon mustard, served with toasted bread

1 Dozen Peel & Eat Shrimp11.99

1 Dozen Middle Neck Clams10.99

Fried Whole Belly ClamsMarket Price

(When Available)

1 lb Ipswich Steamer ClamsMarket Price

Snow Creab Legs (1 lb)17.99

Blackened Ahi Tuna15.99

Served rare with teriyaki balsamic, wasabi, and ginger

Smoked Fish Dip15.99

Served with assorted crackers

Award Winning
New England Clam Chowder

8oz Cup$4.99
16oz Bowl$8.99

*Does not contain pork.

House Specialties

Served with fries and coleslaw OR a cup of clam chowder

Lobster Roll15.99

Fresh chunks of chilled Maine lobster meat, lightly mixed with mayo and celery served in a toasted New England style hot dog bun

Supersized Lobster Roll24.99

Double portion of lobster meat

NEW Surf N’ Turf Burger19.99

Chargrilled burger topped with a 4 oz. portion of lobster salad


From The Sea

Served with French Fries, Cole Slaw, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion

Mahi Fish Sandwich12.99

Served Grilled, Blackened, or Fried

Fried Haddock Fish Sandwich11.99

"Catch of the Day"Market Price

Served Grilled, Blackened, or Fried

New England
Style Rolls

Toasted Roll, Shredded Lettuce, French Fries, and Cole Slaw

Fried Fish Roll9.99

Fried Shrimp Roll10.99

Fried Clam Strip Roll9.99

From The Mainland

Served with French Fries and Cole Slaw

Chicken Tender Basket9.99

Grilled Chicken Sandwich7.99

1/2 Chargrilled Burger8.99

Add American or Cheddar 1.00

Add Bacon 1.25


Classic House or Ceaser Salad6.99

Choose from Balsamic Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, or Ranch Dressing)

With Shrimp11.99

Served Blackened, Fried, or Grilled

With Mahi13.99

Served Blackened, Fried, or Grilled

With Lobster Salad (4oz)15.99

Fresh Catch Baskets

Fresh Catch of the DayMarket Price

Served Blackened, Grilled, or Fried

1 lb. Snow Crab19.99

Fried Shrimp13.99

Sautéed Shrimp14.99

Served Fried or Sautéed

Sea ScallopsMarket Price

Served Fried or Sautéed

Shrimp Skewer Dinner15.99

Served Grilled or Blackened

Fish and Chips13.99

Lightly fried 10oz Haddock Filet

Red's Crab Cakes (2)13.99

Fried Clam Strips11.99

Blackened Seared Tuna18.99

Served rare with teriyaki balsamic, wasabi, and ginger


Served Grilled, Blackened, or Fried

Whole Belly Fried ClamsMarket Price

(When Available)

Captain's Platter23.99

Fried Clam Strips, Scallops, Shrimp, and Haddock served with Hush Puppies, French Fries, and Cole Slaw

Add a Jumbo Shrimp Skewer for only 5.99

Fresh Seafood Market

Jazzy's Market is the premier fresh seafood market in Cocoa Beach. Featuring Live Maine Lobsters, Mussells, Clams, Fresh Catches, and whatever we think is the best tasting seafood on the planet. Call to see what's in today or check Facebook for updates...

Jazzy's Mainely Lobster & Seafood Co.

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Kids’ Menu

Includes French Fries and an Ice Cream Sandwich

Kraft Mac N Cheese4.99

Grilled Cheese Sandwich5.99

Hot Dog5.99

Chicken Tender Basket6.99

Fish and Chips Basket7.99

Kid's Burger7.99

Fried Shrimp Basket8.99

Side Dishes


Macaroni Salad1.99

Hush Puppies2.99

French Fries2.99

Onion Rings3.99

Sweet Potato Fries3.99

Fried Green Tomatoes3.99

Side Salad3.99


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Ginger Ale1.75

IBC Cream Soda & Root Beer2.50

Homemade Lemonade2.00

Fresh Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweet2.00

Bottled Water1.50


Apple Juice Box2.00


Chocolate Milk3.00

Root Beer/Cream Soda Float4.50